Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Affirmations: How to do them for REAL.

A client called the other day. He was in an accident with a four wheeler (ATV) and broke his back. After two disc were removed and his spine rebuilt, he spends some 20 hours a day sitting or laying down. He has the SS course and was studying the affirmations. He called to say that the affirmations were not working for him because he did not believe them. In particular, “I am the best thing that could happen to a woman”.

His problem wasn’t the affirmations and we will get back to them absolutely. He did not believe them because he was broken and he thought “no woman would not want to be with a broken man”. He was projecting his beliefs on to any and every woman. When I pointed this out, you could immediately here a change in him. There are lots of women who are attracted to men who need help, assistance, nursing. Remember, mothering is a natural instinct of women. I told him to stop acting sorry for himself. He also thought that any woman who was attracted would just be giving him a mercy fuck.

Now back to affirmations. I give an example of in seminars. It goes as follows. Imagine yourself standing in front of a mirror and saying, “I am the world’s greatest tennis player”. If you have a mirror, go do it. What happens? What does that little voice in the back of your head say? “Like hell”, “Are you kidding”, “No Way”.

Now, while still standing in front of that mirror say, “You will acquire the foot speed and hand-eye coordination to become a first class tennis player”. Listen for the little voice in the back of you head. What does it say?

Three things about affirmations to get the results you want.

First, they must be worded so that you believe them.

Second, address your subconscious mind with YOU.

Third, incorporate an NLP process, i.e., give the subconscious a direction, a way, a process to execute. The subconscious will relentlessly process the instruction to achieve the result.

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