Monday, February 15, 2010

How To Use Easily Use Speed Seduction® Language Anytime Anywhere!

Dear Speed Seduction(R) Student,

The other day I received this very good question from a reader who wishes to remain totally anonymous, I'll call him "Anon":


Can Speed Seduction® patterns can be used in school class room where exist lots of students? Because in our place (not United States)girls are much more conservative , if she wants to go out with you to have a cup of coffee , it means maybe you are her good friend or she like you a bit.

So I would like to know if these pattern skills can be used in much more noisy places that include lot of people or even she has a friend sitting aside her ?

(I bought the HSC product 20 days ago)"

RJ here:

First, congrats on your first steps into a whole new way of understanding people, as well as nailing hot women!

Listen: "pattern skills" are about capturing and leading the imagination.

Do people use their imaginations, have their imaginations awakened and led in crowds? In classrooms? With other people? When alone? When walking, sitting, standing?


Therefore, language (and approaches) that captures and leads the imagination can be used.


Now listen: I am a bit concerned about your question. Here is why.

From the way you put things, you seem to be thinking of patterns as some weird, "outsider" "other" category of communication. Something "alien", from another planet or another world that has to be carefully hidden, like a UFO or a monster, lest people see it unprepared and panic!

Please get this: the language patterns I present in the HSC (and other products) may seem alien, or "foreign" or "dangerous" or "odd" or "weird" YOU.

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But to women, they are a perfect match for how they think, ANYWAY.

This kind of language is instantly and UNCONSCIOUSLY
recognized and responded to in a positive fashion by women, because it matches the internal "maps" they have already laid down in the deepest levels of their minds about what turns them on, moves them, excites them.

Do you get it?

You are NOT introducing anything odd or weird or THEM.

Remember, language that would revolt, turn off, weird-out and totally creep out us guys, is like HONEY to women.

That's the first thing to get.

Now, get this:

The patterns I present in the courses are only (ONLY)
examples. They are meant to train and teach and familiarize your mind with the kinds of talk that turn women on.

Yes, by themselves, just as written, recited from memory,
they can often be VERY powerful.

But eventually, through using them and UNDERSTANDING HOW AND WHY THEY WORK, I want you to be able to come up with you own, original stuff.

Now, here is the next understanding, based on what I just

****Wherever possible, tailor, modify and adapt your language to the unique situation and the unique audience and environment you have in front of you****

How do you do this?

Well, first of all, you go beyond MEMORIZING. You have to really understand and experience the idea of capturing and leading the imagination and that this happens all the time.

You have to get that the imagination, fantasy, and right brain visualizing and emotion controls MUCH more of human behavior than you ever first realized, especially with women.

You have to experience how words can paint vivid mental images and create strong flows of feeling.

You have to understand(UNDERSTAND!!!!) how vague language and descriptive language can create huge flows of positive emotion and trigger mental images.

Once you really understand, then you can go to modifying
what you say to fit your audience and the environment.

You can match your language to:

*Something going on in the physical environment.

*Something going on in the emotional environment

*Something your audience is DOING

*Something your audience is OBSERVING

(It doesn't' matter whether you audience is one woman or 2 dozen women. These principles work regardless and irrespective of numbers).

Another principle is: observe who is most responsive to your words.

Example: let's say you are at a poetry reading and you are going to get up on stage and read some steamy seduction poems, like my "Fascination" poem which is actually in the BHSC.

What you want to do is SLOWLY read the poem, pausing as you go and make eye contact with the audience. Watch to see which women are most strongly responding: who is getting all "doggy dinner bowl", with wide open eyes, lips parted, breathing heavy, even nipples erect.

THOSE are the girls you will want to talk to, afterwards.

Whenever I am in a group of women, I always watch to see who is most responsive. Those are the ones I will zero in on for more attention.

Ok. Good questions. I hope the answers get you started.


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