Friday, March 12, 2010

How To Transform Your Self-Image With Women!

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Last issue, we talked a bit about how to interrupt and overcome the response of being fearful or shy or hesitant around women.

In this issue, we will continue with this thread. I want to start you on the process of doing a lot more than overcoming being "shy". I want to start you on the process of programming your subconscious mind for outrageous confidence, power and charm!

This is a subject about which I actually have some trouble writing, simply because I've evolved and created so many techniques that have helped so many thousands of guys, it's hard for me to know where to begin!

Does it seem like I'm bragging? Well, as they say in Missouri, it ain't bragging if..

....You Really Can Do What You Say You Can!

Alrighty then. There is a fundamental principle of the human mind I want you to really understand and incorporate and it explains why some people really can change their lives while other just stay hoping, wishing and stuck. It is a rule about how the human brain and mind work that controls a great deal of what we can do. And here it is:

While Your Brain May Be Attracted To Doing Something Different, Usually Brains Only DO What Is Familiar

Basically what I am saying here is, people tend to do what they are used to. People tend to think like they are used to thinking and feel like they are used to feeling.

Yes, they may WANT to, on some level, change.

But the reality is, given a situation in the real world, if you are used to acting, feeling and thinking in a certain way, just vaguely wishing you could be different ISN'T GOING TO CHANGE ANYTHING AT ALL.

The key to any kind of real change, then, is mental rehearsal. You must learn to program in the way you like to feel, act, think, believe and respond and do so with sufficient repetition that the new feelings, actions, thoughts and beliefs are perceived by your brain as being more powerful, more vivid, more real and more familiar…

Than The Way You Used To Be!

I will say this again, because it is so imporant. It is NOT enough to realize you want to change. It is not enough to even THINK about changing. If you want a change, especially a change that is radically different, you must…

Vividly Mentally Rehearse It!

Now, I am not the first person to talk about mental rehearsal or it's dirty little new age cousin, "guided visualization". The problem with most of these methods, as presented is,

They Simply Do Not Work!

That's not because the people who teach or write about them don't care. It's simply because they are either leaving out vital ingredients to "make the recipe work" or because they are adding in stupid stuff that just doesn't belong.

So let me give you some vital keys to make mental rehearsal work for you, so in a matter of a few short weeks you can totally reprogram the deepest levels of your mind for the kind of beliefs, attitudes, awareness, behaviors and timing to bring you outrageously magnetic confidence and power with women.

Key #1: The role of breath. As I pointed out last issue, breathing is of vital importance for making any deep level change.

We could get into all sorts of meta-physical explanations but let's keep it scientific for a while at least. The scientific fact is that if you have a prolonged fear or anxiety response, eventually the limbic part of your brain that controls the flight/fight response gets progressively triggered by the smallest inputs, like a car alarm that goes off when a cat walks by.

Unless you interrupt this limbic over-drive, any programming you try to do with the other levels of the brain and mind are going to get sabotaged and disrupted, so change will take much more "will power" and fighting yourself.

We want to do things the easy way.

So the first step in doing your mental rehearsal for power with women will be to take ten minutes to do your breathing as taught in the previous newsletter. And if you aren't willing to take ten minutes for yourself to succeed with women…

Pack It In Now Buckwheat And Make Some More Room On The Planet!

Key #2: Understanding and using the two kinds of visualization.

Alright, this is not that hard to understand, but it is a key reason why most visualization and guided imagery is usually an exercise in mere mental whacking off. If visualizing and mental rehearsal has never before worked for you, this is why, and now I promise it will.

(By the way, if you are one of those people who thinks "I can't visualize at all" I have ways to fix that too, but it's beyond the scope of this newsletter. You can contact me privately:

Anyway, there is the kind of visualization where you see yourself in the images. It's like watching a home movie of yourself, so you see your image of what you are doing or experiencing, how you are acting, etc.

This image which is useful for motivation and setting an overall direction for your mind is called disassociated. It means you are watching your self go through an experience, but you are not actually in the image so you don't feel very much, if anything, of the feelings of being there.

The Power Of Associated Imagery

The second kind of visualizing is where you do not see yourself in the images, but you see what you would actually see if you stepped into the image and were really there, looking out through your own eyes. We call this associated imagery, and this kind of imagery is what is most useful for fully rehearsing new behaviors, responses, emotions and thoughts.

The key to proper mental rehearsal that really works is to first use a dissociated set of images; seeing yourself the way you would like to look, talk, and act and then to switch to associated images, stepping inside the pictures and actually moving, talking, thinking, and feeling the way you'll move, talk, think and feel when you are actually in the real situation.

Does this make sense?

First seeing the disassociated images of the way you want to be sets a guide post and a direction for your brain, so it gets an overall idea.

Then, seeing the associated images and actually walking around making the actual physical movements, talking out loud the way you'd speak, doing what you'd be actually doing FILLS IN THE DETAILS FOR YOUR BRAIN.

An Example Of A Mental Programming Session For Confidence And Power With Women The Two Kinds Of Visualizing…Plus A Special "Boost"!

Before I give you this practice, remember that the process of re-programming your subconscious mind for success with women is just that, a process. That means it takes some repetition and practice for the new thoughts, attitudes, behaviors and feelings to take root and take hold.

So you should practice this once a day for 2-3 weeks before you expect to see any results, though some people see results immediately

Ok then…

Pick a situation-a specific context-where you'd like to have more power and confidence with women.

Let's say it is in the initial approach or walk up.

The first thing I want you to do is sit comfortably on the flow and energize yourself with some of the breathing exercises (a key to making this work) that I've discussed before or breathing exercises you find in any good book on yoga or meditation.

The next thing I want you to do is mentally create a place in your mind where you believe anything is possible.

To do this, begin counting backward in your mind as follows:

Visualize the number 3. See it 3 times, as in 3, 3, 3. Then see the number 2 and visualize it 3 times as in 2, 2, 2. Finally, see the number 1, three times as in 1, 1, 1. Mentally say each number as you see it in your mind.

Now, stand up. Imagine in front of you, a circle, on the ground. Use your actual physical arm and make the motion of drawing the circle on the ground.

Look at the circle and thing of it as a place where ANYTHING can be made possible. Where anything can be made real. Where anything can be created. Then step into it.

Ok. Now, imagine that situation where you want to be more confident and powerful with women. See the image of how you would look when you are that confident. See yourself acting, talking, standing, moving and feeling as you would like to.

This is your disassociated image.

Using Your Associated Imagery

Now, take a step forward and imagine you are actually stepping into the image so you are walking, breathing, talking from that place. See what you would actually see from you own eyes if you were there. Feel what you would feel.

Now, for an extra boost of confidence, step outside yourself and step into the woman you are meeting. Imagine you are looking at yourself through her eyes, feeling how excited she feels to meet you, hearing her voice in her head saying, "Wow..this guy is hot."

Finally step back out of her and see your confident,
powerful self again, disassociated. Mentally give yourself a command that this self will be there for you, with all the qualities, behaviors, insights, attitudes and timing you need for total success with women.

Key #3 The Power Of Letting It Go

Once you've done your mental rehearsal and visualization for the day, you must dismiss it from you mind and LET IT GO.

Too often, we are taught that to get something we really want or a change we really want in ourselves, we have to constantly think about it, keeping our "goal" in the front of our mind.

In fact, this over-motivation is a load of crap that just keeps people stuck.

You have to find the proper level of motivation to create change, and that involves knowing when to just dismiss it from your mind and let it go.

It's sort of like baking cookies in an oven (here we go with baking analogies again; first it was recipes, now it's cookies!). If you put the dough in the oven but keep opening the oven door every 30 seconds to check if the cookies are done, they will never get finished!

In fact, this constant thinking if you are progressing or not or if it is working is just another form of doubt. You see, "hope" and "doubt" are really the same thing. They both involve uncertainty.

Once you've done your mental rehearsal, you need to let it go. Just release it, relax and know it will be there for you in the real world.

Ok. I think I've already over-loaded you a bit. Next issue, I will take you through an actual, structured, guided-visualization/mental rehearsal that you can learn to do on a daily basis to super-charge your confidence, power and success with women.

Til then,

Peace and Piece,


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