Tuesday, December 14, 2010

He Planned To Approach 100 Women!

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Every once in a while I get such good emails from students,
there's nothing better I can do than to simply let THEM do the

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boost of confidence.

With that in mind, here’s a student’s progress report he
posted on his plans to approached 100 women. Pay special
attention to his brilliant advice on overcoming the fear of

Dear Ross and seduction brothers,

From talking with the awesome brothers in the Boston area it
became obvious from their comments that the only way to get
better at walk-ups is to do a lot of them. So Eric suggested
this approach, which worked very well: choose a number of
walk-ups to do, and go with the EXPECTATION of getting shot

That's somewhat paradoxical but that's what makes it work.
So I set my goal at a 100. I've already done 50, and this is the
half-time report.

It's been FANTASTIC (aside from getting enthusiastic phone
numbers from women who even have boyfriends and very positive
responses). Going with the expectation of let me get another one
on my list makes things a WHOLE LOT easier. There's no hurt, no
rejection, it's just another notch. "Here goes number 33."

INSTEAD of going with the goal of I am going to get this
many phone numbers, and feeling good/bad depending on the
outcome, go with the goal I'm just going to have fun getting
shot down this many times and learning. Then, it's piece of cake
to learn.

SET a concrete number of approaches you want, and do it. You
WILL be successful at doing that.

Basically, now, I feel comfortable approaching almost any
woman under any condition (the train, a coffee shop, etc.). It
really is a LEAP from where I was before.

My state is infinitely more solid... and while I can get
better with very attractive women, I lead with much greater
ease, I deal with most objections right away, and I'm able to
instill comfort/ease/trust almost instantaneously.

I can only imagine what will happen when I get to 100. But
I'm not worried about that... I just need to get 50 more under
my belt.

(Techniques That Helped Him Do It!)

Now here're a few techniques you may want to use: Talking
with other SSers: I cannot say enough about this. The Boston
team is great, and posting/reading up people's SS postings while
doing the above is both encouraging as well as enlightening. I
just want to thank the thoughtful people who post quality emails
... some of us really appreciate it.

Self-reward and -analysis: Always pat yourself in the back
after making an approach or every few approaches. It works. It
sounds funny but you feel better when you tell yourself 'good
job' and give yourself a pat in the back.

Every say 5 approaches analyze what you did... think how you
could have done it concretely better... and replay in your mind
how you'd have done it. DON'T analyze every time, do it every
say 5 times.

Women are random and if you analyze it each time you'll NOT
see the real pattern. No pun intended. :) But the exercise
(AGAIN) is not to get better, although you naturally will, but
just to get across the X number of getting shot-down.

Fear of failure and safety: Early on I sat down and asked
myself what in the world was holding me back from approaching
beautiful (physically, intellectually, spiritually) women and
making their lives sheer beauty, wonder, delight... and I
realized... it was just a simple fear of failing.

What if I make a fool out of myself? What if I fall on my
face? What if I just annoy her? Being someone who's successful
at a lot of things he's tried in life this was a BIG one.

But then after some thought I realized it was a paradox. THE
BIGGEST FAILURE IS TO FEAR FAILURE. If you fear failure, then
you're GUARANTEED to fail every time.

Think about it. Think about this for long enough and it'll
BLOW your mind AND any fear of failure you have out of the
water. DRILL on any such feelings with this paradox.

If you fear failure, YOU WILL FAIL EACH AND EVERY TIME. It's
a complete guarantee. So THAT FEAR IS ITSELF the BIGGEST

Secondly, often we want to be 'safe.' But usually, safe from
what?? Safe from success, safe from learning how to move women
in ways that may astonish us. Do you want to be safe from
success? Really? Think about your whole life ... do you want to
be safe repeating that SAME pattern?

If these are issues for you, I'd try meditate on these two
ideas, after some breathing exercises, and you may find, like I
did, that meditation affecting your whole life timeline, going
to the deepest crevices of your being, and you will be
decontaminated from those thoughts in a couple hours or days.

Don't be surprised to see your whole physiology changing.
This is not just pattern language... my whole body felt it. Use
the titanium drill of the paradoxes to destroy those filthy
mental microbes.

Best regards, Stephen/Angelo


Ok. Ross here again. This student really got it when he
talked about the paradox of fearing failure actually being the
biggest guarantee of failure.

You see, as I have said before, it is the meaning you assign
to things that determines how you will feel about them. If you
assign the meaning that you MUST “succeed” with every beautiful
girl you see, you are going to drive yourself nuts with all
sorts of unneeded fear and stress.

When you assign the right meaning to things; that you are
just practicing and you are intending to fall on your face, just
to practice, suddenly it loses its importance and paradoxically,
you do a lot better with a lot less effort.

My own personal beliefs about meeting and seducing women
are, “Let’s go have some fun with her and find out what she’s
like” and “I will either get what I want or learn what I need to
in order to get what I want or even better next time”.

Try THOSE on for size, and see what happens to any fear of
approaching women.

‘Til next time.

Peace and piece,


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