Friday, January 28, 2011

How To Get Unstuck And Going Strong With Speed Seduction®!

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Many times, beginning students have said or written to me,
"I'm just having trouble getting started with this stuff. It's
not that I'm really shy or's just that this way of
talking seems SO strange to me."

Now listen; I am very aware that a first introduction to
Speed Seduction® can seem overwhelming and also a little, well,

After all, if a guy walked up to you and talked to you the
way I am teaching you to talk to women, you'd probably call the
cops or punch him in the mouth. Perhaps if you were an extra
compassionate person, you'd refer him to a mental health clinic
for counseling.

Look, I'm very, very aware that the ways I'm teaching you to
communicate with women seem very strange. Further I'm here to
tell you..



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Is this a contradiction?? How could something that could
help you have success with women beyond your wildest
fantasies..something that could take that old, rusty stuck door
of not getting anywhere or having to "settle" and...

...Make It Swing Wide Open With Excitement, Passion And The
Connections With They Kind Of Women You've Always Wanted.

Well, here is the secret in a nut-shell: women think about
and process language DIFFERENTLY.

We men tend to process words and language through the left
brain. But scientific studies, using brain scans have shown that
women process the same words and phrases using the left AND
right brains; that the same language that evokes little or no
emotional response from men, evokes massive emotional response
from women.

This means that the language that seems funny, bizarre or
off to you, will be processed by women in a way that opens the
deep, emotional, suggestive structures of their minds.

Now, don't get me wrong. All humans, male or female, are
subject to great emotional response, based on symbols. Just
think of the strong emotions that rush through you when you are
traveling in a foreign land and you see the American flag.(This
could be good or bad, depending what country you are from-since
my students come from all around the world, I have to be

Of when you hear your countries national anthem. Or when you
see the sun finally come out on a clear day after a long bout of
darkness and rain.

These symbols and events evoke emotion, strongly, in ALL
humans. It is simply that women also happen to have strong
responses to language, spoken and written, that we men simply
usually don't.

What does this really mean for you? That if you can push
past your initial responses that this stuff may seem odd or
weird and instead, understand HOW it works, go out and give it a
try, then....

....The Results You Will See Will Astonish You!

A couple of quick metaphors to help you understand this.
When you go fishing, if you were to go fishing, would you bait
the hook with YOUR favorite snack foods because worms or
crawdads would taste bad to you?

No. You would bait it with what the FISH bites on and

Finally, supposing you were driving on a country road, late
at night, and a UFO landed right in front of you. Out stepped an
alien from a very advanced species. You knew that if you could
communicate with him, he would unveil incredible technology to
you that could solve world hunger, bring unlimited wealth,
riches, and happiness to the world, end disease, and make your
own personal dreams come true and more. He could unlock the
answer to any question, but..

He didn't speak a word of any language on earth!

Instead, you had to learn to speak to him in HIS language,
something that seemed at first like gibberish, hard to
pronounce, and not making any sense to you.

Would you refuse his offer of a device that would teach you,
in a few weeks, to speak to him in his own tongue, just because
it felt weird and made no sense to you?

Or would you take his language machine, learn to speak to
him in a way that HE understood and responded to, and...


Now look: women are NOT aliens. But sometimes, the way they
process language, words and emotions can make us FEEL like they
are from another planet. Speed Seduction® will hand you that
universal translator/language machine so you can take them on

Peace and piece,

Ross Jeffries

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