Friday, January 14, 2011

Three Students Share Shocking Seduction Success!

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

One of the great joys of doing this job is getting the
emails and testimonials from guys just like you who are using
my material to really turn their love lives around and
transform their success with women.

Now, the best ones are from students who are really just
trying things out for the first time, and interestingly
enough, even though they've read the newsletters, understood
the courses and material the first few times they try this
stuff ……

.........They Don't Even Believe It's Going To Work!

No, that wasn't a misprint or a typo. I said they don't
(as in do NOT) believe this stuff is going to work!

In fact, I have seen from my experience, time and time
again, when guys first try this stuff, they usually DON'T
believe in it precisely because it IS so different from the
way 99% of most guys have been taught to think, feel and act
around women.

A Key Understanding If You REALLY Want To Change!

You see, there is a huge paradox in creating real, massive
change, in any area of your life. Once you get this key
understanding, you will be on your way to massive success at
changing virtually anything (and not just with women), no
matter what system or method you might try. So pay attention,
and get this, because here it is it is:

The Methods For Success That Are Closest To What You Are
Already Doing Seem The Easiest To Try, But Offer the Least
Potential For Huge Change , Because They Are So Close To What
You Are Already Thinking, Acting, Believing And Doing!

What this comes down to, is the whole idea of "the comfort
zone". When you stay in your "comfort zone" and just do what
you are used to, it is pretty easy, yet doing what you are
used to (and thinking and believing as you have been used to)
is what has been keeping you stuck.

Thinking, believing and acting very differently can bring
you rapid and massive results, but it CAN at first feel
uncomfortable unless you have some special "technology" to get
you around that "difference".

Anyway, being able to try out brand new ways of doing
things, and to do so with a sense of enjoyment, exploration
and fun, instead of anxiety and fear, is one of the unique
technological breakthroughs that Speed Seduction® brings to
you, in addition to the actual material for meeting and
rapidly turning on women!

SS is the only system that has been offering these tested,
proven tools for self-transformation to men for the past
decade, and I am very proud of that!

So, that out of the way, let me share 2 recent emails from
you, from some happy and successful NEW students:

Ye Gods!

I have to share this with somebody, and I'm afraid you
guys are going to have to take the brunt of it...

I went out tonight on a field trip. I'd spent most [nay,
all...] of my free time over the last few weeks burying
myself in the Basic SS CDs & literature. I'm not ashamed to
admit that I've pranced around my apartment daily, like an
idiot, rehearsing patterns and "Doing the affirmations."

I went out tonight, met some friends in a noisy pub [not
the ideal environment, for sure...], but with the
single-minded determination to try this stuff out for real.

Cutting to the chase: I saw a slim, blonde HB surrounded
by drooling buffoons. Throwing caution to the wind [have you
ever tried doing that?], I dived on in. I caught her eye,
smiled, opened with a bit of low-key banter and she said:

"I am from Germany. My English, it's not very good..."

She was a foreign exchange student who'd only been in the
country for a few weeks.

Needless to say, my initial though was: "Jesus Christ on a
Pogo-Stick! Destiny has truly tied my shoelaces together!" But
within seconds I thought: "Fuggit - let's try this shit out,

So I ran a variation of the Instantaneous Connection
pattern on her. I riffed in some embedded commands. And I
did it all very, very, very slowly. In that terrible mixed-up
syntax that English-speaking people invariably use when
talking to people from other countries. And you know what?
It worked an absolute treat!

We somehow ended up talking about German expletives.
After a few rubbishy attempts at getting my tongue around
[ahem!] the German equivalent of 'Son of a bitch' we moved
onto more fruity translations.

Let's just say, without prompting, she told me what the
German word for "c*nt" is - she made it clear that this wasn't
the 'biological' term, but the taboo variant. And she was
really determined that I got the pronunciation right...

Last orrders arrived, and -without so much as a hint of
supplication -I [slowly, with bad syntax] explained to her
that it was a tragic, shame that our conversation had to end,
and that it was an awful, awful shame that we can't go on
learning new things about each other's language. She reached
into her handbag, pulled out her mobile [cellphone] and
demanded that we exchange numbers...

I'm still in a state of shock. I can't get my hat on.

Must run! I urgently need to check out some
German-English translation sites...

Tomas G, City and state withheld, by request

Dear SS List Brothers,

Just wanted to say hi to everybody on the list & look
forward to a long and learning relationship,

I am new to this and have been applying the Twin Brothers
pattern Ross told us to try after the UK SS seminar this
September 2004,

The other day I used this pattern on a sexy Italian
manageress of a restaurant I had talked to her on a couple of
occasions before this evening, anyway while I was 1/2 way
through I couldn't believe her response, she chose the kisser
rather than someone who makes her laugh & then held my hand
and started to talk about how she felt during sex. I almost
fell of my chair, my colleague couldn't believe it either,
(he's coming to the next seminar) I left it there because I
was punch drunk with the response & delighted that it worked.

I have seen her again and have her number I will let you
know how I get on.


Tim Cooke

London, England

Thanks Tomas and Tim!

Now, do you notice what each of these guys have in common?

Very simple: they had the balls to try something new and
different, without even being sure of the result.

They got the results, by stepping out of their comfort

So how about you, dear reader? How about you?

Til next time,

Peace and Piece,


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