Monday, January 17, 2011

When To Be Sexually Aggressive With Women

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

One of the more common scenarios I get presented with is
students who are good at some of the stages of seduction, but
tend to choke at “the closing”.

That is, they are good at the pick-up, good at the middle
stage, even good at getting a lady to make out with them.

But somehow, when it comes to “going for the goods”, they
drop the ball.

In fact, just recently, I received the following email from
a student:

"Ross, The last two newsletters were awesome.

I have had your home study course for a while, but have been
tripping over my own dick for the last year.

I feel like I am developing rapport and getting women in the
state of mind that I want them, but I have also missed
opportunities because I am used to being "shy" to make the move.

My most recent missed opportunity occurred with a nice
looking 18 year old. I banged her mom using the blammo pattern,
and then her mom set me up with her daughter.

I did the discovery channel pattern with the daughter and
she kissed me. I still didn't close the deal!! Sounds pretty
sad huh?

This kind of interaction has happened time and time again,
even before I bought your course.

The strange thing is that most of these women seem upset
after the fact. I am willing to do what you outlined in the new
letters in order to become a more calm and confident version of
myself, and realize the opportunity when it happens, and not
after the fact.

Am I the only student you have had that can't close the deal
when the girl kisses him?

Thank you in advance for your response."

Your humble student,
Paul Ruggerio, Eaton Rapids, MI

Ok, Paul, and all of the rest of you who may have this

Let’s get this clear: just because a woman is kissing us and
making out with us, does NOT mean she is sufficiently turned on
or ready, in her own mind, to “dip the donkey”.

In fact, I have learned that many women need alternating
periods of being heated up, then cooled down, then heated up
even more strongly, when it comes to getting physical.

In hypnosis, we call this fractionation. Simply put, you
put someone in a trance, then take them out again. When you put
them back in, they go back in deeper than the previous time.
Each time you take them out of the trance it builds potential to
have a stronger trance response when you put them back in.

I think many, if not MOST women, are this way, with being
physically turned on. If you make out with them, raise them to a
plateau of excitement, then slow down and back up a bit, they
will be FAR more receptive when you turn the heat back on.

So usually, when you start making out with a woman, it’s
actually a good idea to get her sizzling for about ten minutes,
then drop back down a level. If you are at “third base” back off
to light kissing. Even take a break, go to the bathroom, and
come back. Or move her to a different part of the house, and
then resume.

We men are like rockets with our excitement: we take off
straight up. Women respond better with zigs and zags.

Now, as for why this student didn’t get more aggressive, I
think often it is because we are shocked that the patterns
actually work, even more so on women that are hotter and younger
than we are used to getting.

Over the years I have seen this happen with many students:
the first few times they try Speed Seduction® they do NOT expect
it to work! And when it does, they don’t know quite what to do.
As if suddenly you are holding a ten million dollar lottery
ticket in your hand and you are staring at the numbers because
you can’t believe you won!

I remember one story in particular, about a student who had
just gotten his Home Study Course and used some patterns on an
attractive woman at his church social.

She insisted they go out to the parking lot and then she
jumped all over him, performed some “oral fun” on him, and then
said, “Bang me. Put me on the hood of the car and bang me.”

The student said, “But the pastor is going to be come out
with the congregation any minute!”

She said, “I don’t the pastor to bang me! I want YOU to bang

Now, this guy was so shocked, Mr. Pee Pee wouldn’t do the
job, so he wound up having to take a rain check!

The bottom line is, you need to mentally rehearse success!
Literally act out what you will say and do in response to a
woman really wanting you, indeed insisting on having you.

Now, another issue is that sometimes women who are turned on
and do want you will suddenly pull up short and have some last
minute resistance to doing the “grown-up”.

We’ll explore THAT one in the next issue.

‘Til then,

Peace and piece

Ross Jeffries

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