Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Are you an Eagle? Are you still in the Nest?

Art Jackson is an author who teaches a course on Manifesting Your Destiny. We carry the course. Art’s course is basically about that calling to serve and finding a way to change careers where you get that internal satisfaction that is missing in most jobs. If you are interested in changing careers during these times, then it may be for you. Now for one of his stories.

When Eagle parents have a new Eagle on the way, they go to some extreme measures to insure the proper Eagle upbringing for the soon arriving baby. They build a nest way up high and in an isolated location, like on the side of a steep cliff. They want it high for a couple of reasons. First, the new baby is protected from almost all predators. Second, when it leaves the nest, it can’t walk, it must fly.

Once a location is found, they build the nest structure using very sharp thorny limbs and branches. Then the Mom and Dad Eagles put in a layer of thicker softer material like leaves. This is then covered with softer material such as grass and straw. The last layer of material is very soft and an absolute dream for the Eagle eggs. The nest is perfectly insulated and heavenly comfortable.

The young Eagle is born. They are nourished in delightfully luxurious surroundings. They are spoiled. As they grow and their wings become strong, they get on the side of the nest and flap their wings. His wings become strong. They are capable of flying; however, he will not leave the nest. Remember, the only way to leave is to fly.

The wise Eagles know when the young Eagle is ready to fly. Getting them to leave the nest is now the task at hand. They start removing the top layers of the nest lining. With each removed layer, guess what is exposed? Have you like me been anticipating the short and long term strategies of the Eagle.

The very sharp thorns are exposed more and more each day. The baby Eagle has no where comfortable to go. Soon the entire nest including the edges are nothing but very sharp thorns. The young Eagle reaches the point where the pain of staying is more compelling than the fear of flight. They must leave.

You know the ending, don’t you? The young Eagles leap from the nest and FLY.

Can you Soar on the Wings Of Eagles? Have you had enough? Has that pain of doing nothing reached the threshold of the fear of flying? Have I hit a tender spot? Can you see thru the metaphor? Can you hear the wind move through your wings? Can you see over the horizon NOW? God, I love the smell of Napalm in the morning.