Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quick and Simple

I just wanted to let you know - the Las Veges Speed Summit Seminar is now available on DVD!!!

This is 7 (14 Hours) action-packed DVDs with yours truly,plus my colleagues Master Scott Bolan and Rev. Vince Wingo at their VERY BEST!

There is SO much incredible life-transforming info in these DVDs, it's best if you just read about it for yourself here

You will literally see the magic happen LIVE ON CAMERA with an elite group of students. Now YOU GET to be part of that elite group with these new DVDs!

So here's the deal: we just released these DVDs for the FIRST TIME EVER, so we're offering them foran introductory price of 295.00 until May 31st.

After that, they go up to the 495.00 catalogue price, so grab your set now and save 200 bucks!

Fair enough?

Okay then

Your guide to the future of your dreams,