Monday, April 20, 2009

Wake Up People Explained Today

I move people a little different than most. My mom was an alcoholic. She was the nicest person in the world one minute and the opposite the next. I learned to sense people very early to survive. Today I can detect Bull Shit quickly or with a lot of people it is there rationalization of what has happened and they want me to buy into it. You do not help a drunk giving him a drink. You do not help a drug addict by giving them drugs, no matter how compelling their story might be. I ask a few questions. Make a few statements. Observe/Listen for reactions and make a preliminary determination of what is going on.

My agenda is to be curious about what makes this person tick. I want to know how they will respond in a given situation. In technical terms, I am finding out their model of the world, their meta programs. In the simplest terms, I am being aware. I am in the moment. I am focused on them.

Being aware, by the way, accelerates learning and puts more things on automatic quicker so you can have a smoother, easier, more productive life.

In college, I took very few notes. I was focused on the teacher and the concepts. Understanding was first, notes were second. Most people focus on note taking with the hope of understanding later. This usually results in inconsistent results. Can you understand why?