Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wake Up People

I received a call today. The young man wanted to know how he could become aware. He wants to do one on one with someone and felt I had been the most responsive and had moved him farther than anyoneelse.

I will explain tomorrow. Here is the assignment I gave him today. Go out and start being curious about your environment whatever it might be. Pick up a leaf and examine it. NOTICE things about it that you never noticed before. Look at the buildings. Notice the different styles, construction techniques, building material. Ask questions of yourself about these things.

Then go to a place with lots of people. Walk around and look each person in the eye and NOTICE how many of them actually even know you exist. When you find one that will make eye contact, SMILE. Then NOTICE their reactions.They will probably be delighted to find someone else AWARE, ALIVE, AWAKE.
So Long For Now.