Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brother Kamal and Brother Orion

Yes, they do exist. Together they made three products: Trouble Shooters I, Trouble Shooters II and Magical Connections. They are still available.

Both Brother Kamal and Brother Orion mastered the Speed Seduction® System yet each had his own obstacles to over come.

Brother Kamal initially believed that his accent and color were a disadvantage. He soon realized after being shown a few Paper Back Romance Novels that his accent and color were an advantage. Kamal is very witty and has been known to quote squirrels. Just one example of how to use NLP.

Brother Orion on the other hand is very outgoing and daring. Yet he was in the beginning terrified of beautiful women. This was solved rapidly by Brother Orion as he simply started going up to every beautiful woman and introducing himself. There were variations. However they went something like, “Hi, I just wanted to tell you that you are stunning. Bye” and he would walk away. He then added an introduction, “My name is Orion,” and then would walk away.

Trouble Shooter I and II are audio tapes discussing their growth and how they moved past limiting beliefs. These are the original pick up artist.

Magical Connections is another story. These two guys went out together with a camera and microphone. They took turns with the camera and mike. Everyone was asking for live approaches and other live demonstrations. These guys would simply stop girls on the street or anywhere they could find them. Seeing is believing. This is a very unique look at girls under hypnosis in public. Still available only on video tape.

So if you are suffering from blue collar stress and want to chill and be thoroughly entertained, you may find these an aid to getting stress under control.

I will share more from the material in future post.