Monday, April 13, 2009

Mass Media and You

There is something more powerful than CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN and all the other cable and satellite stations out there when it comes to MASS MEDIA. There is something out there more powerful than the internet when it comes to MASS MEDIA. There is something out there more powerful that word of mouth when it comes to MASS MEDIA. That something is the MASS BETWEEN YOUR EARS. Scott recommended last week that you not give any attention to any of the MASS MEDIA Television, Radio, Newspapers or the Internet. While I agree with that, I am not convinced it is possible and still live in this modern world. You are going to be presented information either directly by one of these media or indirectly by someone who is going to tell you.

That Mass Between Your Ears is yes your brain. First, the brain can process four (YES 4) Billion bits of information each second. The conscious mind is only aware of 2,000 bits per second. If the brain is focused, then it can instantly analyze all input including the input from the universe energetically. I was talking with a lady today. She said that on the day before the earth quake in Italy, she got really angry. She did not know why and was not mad at anyone. She just noticed that she was very angry and did not know why. The next day when she heard about the quake she said she immediately knew that was what made her angry. I feel a great disturbance in the FORCE, Luke. Then they would find out that a distant planet was gone, destroyed, no more. Watch Star Wars again.

That mass between your ears can sense disturbances. Those disturbances can make you feel different from normal. It may be as the lady felt, anger. It may be depression. It may be hopelessness. It will probably be different for each of you. I challenge each of you to notice intently the changes you feel during at any time of the day, even sleeping. This will empower you and I will explain how now next.

ALL people feel these disturbances. Most, the vast majority, of people when they feel these disturbances don’t notice them, ignore them or put a negative meaning on them. That is where their programming and beliefs come in to play. I got a bad feeling something bad is going to happen, etc.

You will now take control and use this new capability. You will now recognize these messages and questions to you. You will focus you energy and put a positive message into it. You will send this energy back out to the universe. If you want then send a little bit of that energy to the Statute of Liberty. It does stand for a lot of things.

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