Thursday, April 9, 2009

Metaphors in everyday life.

There was a gentleman on one of the stocks channels the other day. He was explaining the current economic situation and the present administration. He explained it something like this.

There is this drunk in this bar and he has ordered a round of the most expensive drinks for the entire bar. He was told that he could not afford it, that he was broke. Many in the bar also told him that he should stop drinking. He shouted that he knew he was drunk and was addicted to alcohol and that he was planning on getting sober in 10 years and that is also when he would pay for the drinks. “Believe me” he said, “I know what I am doing and I am getting a lot of money from rich people in ten years”. “Besides” he exclaimed, “A few drinks will ease your pain and I know you are all feeling pain.” The Barmaids said everyone should drink and tip. The bartenders believed him and started pouring the drinks. Many took the drinks. A few accepted the drinks, took a sip and then said, No this is not right.

Funny thing about the owners of the Bar, they did not even realize what their employees had done. They were stuck with a bar full of drunks.

Now it is up to you to determine who is in the cast.

Who is the drunk?

Who are his fellow drunks?

Who are the Barmaids?

Who are the Bartenders?

Who are the people in the bar who may be rational?

Who are the owners of the Bar?