Friday, May 1, 2009

Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child, Attention ALL you Children

What kind of rod did your parents use on you. The metaphor is strong and what is the real message. I think every person want to find their soul mate, settle down, have children and raise their children in such a way that the kids have an opportunity to have it easier than they did, to go farther than they did, to experience more than they did. How they do that raises many questions. How much do you give your children? How do you insure that they earn it? How do you instill responsibility in them? The metaphor was not intended to be taken literally, meaning that if you don’t whip or beat your children they will grow up to be spoiled. However, there are several lessons children need to learn. There are consequences for their actions. There are responsibilities that need to be taught and expected.

If you are driving and forget to put gas in your car, then it will stop. If you run out of gas, you can cuss, you can pray, you can meditate, you can do anything you want and the only thing that will work is to put gas in the tank. Or you can simply say, I forgot to put gas in the car, now I am paying the consequences. And I will learn a lesson and go on.

So many people today are not taking responsibility for their life. They are blaming the government, the economy, wall street, the banks or the company they DID work for.

A call yesterday was from a young man talking about how he was investing in himself at this time. He said he knew his situation was getting better since he had started making that investment. In the next breath, he said he could not purchase any more right now because he had to wait for things to get better economically.

There was another young man who graduated from welding school 8 months ago. He has worked 14 days total since for three different companies and go let go by each. He has continued to make excuses about not taking a lesser job and when the stimulus kicks in he will be in the gravy. What will it take to wake him up? When do those who are supporting him wake up and stop?

If you are one of those who are procrastinating then WAKE UP. The knowledge and inner strength gained from the truly applied NLP, Hypnosis, Huna and Martial Arts is very believable and doable. The TOOLS exists. The technologies taken separately are absolutely mind changing. When they are taken together, consequences and responsibility take on a beautiful and brilliantly new meaning.

Despair becomes aspire for you.