Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Three Strikes and you are Out

Guys send me situations or material and ask for my comments. Sometimes they appear to be created and want to know hypnotically what if this happened. Others appear to be from discussion groups and they want another opinion. Evidently a guy went out one day and tried approaching women (I say tried because he failed) on three separate occasions and failed.

The second one seemed most interesting to me. The pick up line from the seduction home study course goes some like this: Excuse me, have you every been told that you are a shining example of genetic perfection. Or Excuse me, I noticed you and I think you are a shining example of genetic perfection.

NOTE: The main rule here is to notice her response and act accordingly. If she respond positively, continue. If she responds negatively, STOP.

So this guy reports that he says: Excuse me, but has somebody ever told you that you are the perfect example of …. Physiological perfection?

Two Comments: “BUT” negates everything in front of it. So he is saying that he is totally non caring if he interrupts, intrudes or not. Second, somebody is different from anybody. Do you know somebody who fixes cars versus do you know anybody who fixes cars. Is he emphasis is on fixing cars or a person who fixes cars: Which? Just a side, Physiological is harder to say and is different than Genetic. One is natural and the other achieved.

She responded: Thanks, but no they haven’t. And then she just walked away.

RED FLAGS: Her “But” is saying NO THANKS. And then she just walked away. NEGATIVE RESPONSE, STOP.

He keeps going: I think that people like you should be let known every once in a while how special they are.

He has now moved to aggressive. When do you hear the phrase “people like you.” It is usually not a compliment. He has passed judgment and has passed the point of observation. Yes, he observed that she was different in his eyes. Now he is insisting that she see it too.

She responded: Thanks And then walked away.

Hold on, this guy still hasn’t gotten the message. He is not letting her response guide his next move.

He now says as he is now following her: What was it that I said that was so threatening to you to cause you to slowly walk away from me as I talk to you.

And then she took off at warp speed.

Of Course, he just became a predator and stalker. He is lucky that she did not go get the cops.

I think this guy has good intentions and is just excited with a new tool that he doesn’t understand. He got a new tuning fork and is using it as a pitch fork. Instead of listening to and feeling the vibrations, he is using it to throw crap against the wall and see if any sticks. I also think his underlying belief based on this and the other two strikes is one of physical power instead of finesse and not realizing the difference.