Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Tao Principle of Balance in Motion

Today this question came in about the All-New Speed Summit Home Study Course:

"I am currently trying to decide whether or not to buy the Speed Summit 2008 DVD course. I watched your videos on YouTube and I really like your style, but I have just one question: You say that one should never be moved by praise or persecution. That is easy to say for someone who's been born insensitive. For me, however, it's exactly as good as the suggestion to not feel pain when kicked in the balls. I would really like to know if you are just giving spread-your-wings-and-fly type of advice, or are you also capable of teaching people how to actually do it?. OLav"


When I talk about not being moved by praise or persecution, I am NOT talking about being insensitive. Far from it!

In fact, I teach an increase in sensory acuity so one can see what is ACTUALLY occurring!

I didn't say don't notice it.

I didn't say don't care.

I said don't be MOVED by it.

For example,

Praise: "Olav, you are such a great guy. Please loan me 1000 dollars"

Persecution: "Olav, you are so greedy. Don't you care about me at all? Loan me 1000 dollars"

In each of the above, the person is using praise or persecution in order to pressure you to lend him 1000 dollars.

To be MOVED by either would be to succumb to the pressure and loan the 1000 dollars, even if your intuition is telling you that you shouldn't loan the 1000 dollars because it would cause you hardship or you may never be repaid.

This is a very different from "feeling pain when kicked in the balls"

I didn't say don't feel it.

I didn't say it doesn't hurt.

I said don't be MOVED by it, meaning, don't waver from your honor or principle and trusting your instincts for the sake of the pressure/pain of praise/persecution.

And the more SENSITIVE a person is, the more they need to know this stuff so they can control their own destiny and not be manipulated by those who are less caring and sensitive - the selfish, the greedy, the energy vampires.

Make sense?

And YES, I explain exactly "how to" near the end of the first DVD, beginning of the 2nd DVD in the Speed Summit Home Study course.

It's called the Mental Horse Stance and Tao/Jeet Kune Do principle of Balance in Motion.

You'll also discover how to:

* Move with Dynamic Intention

* Harness The Power of Focus

* Influence Others Magnetically

* Live By Design, Rather Than Default!

* The One Word Concept that is the KEY to Mastering Life

* How To Protect Your Energy

....and MORE!

(this is all on the first DVD by the way)

Listen up. This 7-DVD home study course (over 13 hours of live seminar footage) is available at an introductory price 295.00 until Sunday Night!

After that, it goes up to 495.00, no exceptions or time extensions. So if you're interested at all you really should buy now.

Yours in the Tao of Huna Light,

Scott Bolan