Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Attitude Motivation

A short one tonight – The question came up as “What is the best way to motivate yourself. What is the best motivation.” Many would say the basic needs. You are motivated to work to survive. This is not entirely true. There are many people who are motivated to survive by being leaches, blood suckers, energy vampires, bad check writers, welfare seekers, etc. These people do not need anything outside of themselves to motivate them. They do not need to stand in front of a mirror and chant positive statements or affirmations. They do not need for the most part for someone to get on their case about how they are living their life. So what do they have that is so powerful that they cruise through life totally motivated to do as little as possible of what the rest of us call work or responsibility.

Here is the answer. It is in the title. They have an attitude. I was listening to a tape from 1977 today. There was this one gentleman explaining that motivation without effort comes from attitude. Now by “without effort,” I think he meant that there are no extra ordinary ritual or energy expended to be motivated, to feel motivated, to get motivated.

As he shared his view, an attitude is the outward expression of the inner beliefs. If you have an inner belief of working and everything will be OK, then the attitude of doing a mental or physical activity to accomplish a goal is just natural and effortless. It could be expressed as “I don’t like lazy people” or “A little hard work never hurt anybody” or “Let’s get on with it” or “Did you every see a squirrel not store nuts”. Of course there are thousands more sayings that express the same attitude.

So what is the attitude you have or the attitude you want that will motivate you to accomplish your goals and invest in your own self development?

Let me here some of your limiting attitudes and most importantly some of your attitudes that will motivate you effortless.


PS: For Tomorrow. Think about this. You do not know what you look like. You may see a reflection in a mirror and you probably do not see the reflection of yourself in other people.