Sunday, May 3, 2009

Is She Going To Call You? The No-Spin-Zone!

My sincerest wish for you is that you discover your inner strength and innate personal power so that you are not needy for women and ego validation through sexual conquest.

And that standing solid on your own principle, which you need never sacrifice for a relationship, you attract...

... not seek, not woo, not supplicate, not acquire through expenditure...

... a soul-mate who is hotter-than-hell beautiful and who possesses your values and beliefs!

Too often our desire clouds our judgment, and we assign values onto the object of our desire, values which do not actually exist in the person.

A classic example of this is assigning high intelligence or moral integrity to beauty.

While beautiful women can be intelligent and moral, just as often they are not intelligent at all and rather shallow, and would be the first to tell you so...

...but why should they?

They are enjoying the ride - the dinners, the drinks, the gifts, the attention, praise and worship!

Don't forget that they too have an ego that craves to be fed, why would they rock the boat?

They will when "something better comes along" and you will be left desolate and despairing, sinking further into the hole of neediness.

To stay out of the trap, remember this Bolan Mastery Key:

Do Not Base Your Sense of Self-Worth on the Approval of Women.

Matter of fact, do not base your sense of self-worth on ANYONE's approval. Ever.

To have the approval of others should be respected and appreciated, but not actively sought after.

To seek after it is your ego's craving to be fed.

It should simply come naturally.

And if it doesn't come?...

.... do not notice!

You will find that if you are going about your business to be the very best you can be as a Master Warrior of Life, the right one will notice you and reach out.

I always noticed when I looked like I was going somewhere, it got the attention of the beautiful women. Why? Because all the other guys are feeding at the troff like cattle....

....and here comes a stallion, going somewhere!

That is far more interesting energetically!

It "magnetizes"

Always remember these two things:

1. People Are Energy

2. People Are Magnets

Now, I received a question recently: "What should I say on her answering machine so that she will call me back?"

I use Bill O'Reilly's No-Spin-Zone rule: "If I leave a message twice, and they do not call me back, I do not call them again."

That's a great rule.

It means no desperation, no clinging, no neediness.

It means you respect yourself enough to not go chasing after someone like a love-sick puppy.

So what kind of message should you leave?

Plain and simple: "Hi, it's Scott. Give me a call. My number is xxx-xxxx"

That's it.

If she doesn't call you back? Great!

You don't want someone like that anyway. She did you a huge favor by removing herself from your life.

Keep it real and you'll never live a lie.

Hell is right here on earth for those who live in delusion.

Yours in Warrior Wisdom,

Scott Bolan