Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Hawaiian Way of Life

Rev Vince Wingo Speaks:

This is absolutely amazing! I simply must share this with you!

As most of you know, Huna and Ho'oponopono were my birthright.

Dad was speaking Huna light and wisdom to me before I was even

Mom told me I would always sit-at-the-knee of Dad and the top experts on Hawaiian Healing while they discussed Huna for hours and hours.

While my infant Uhane (conscious mind) didn't understand their words, my Aumakua (high self/super-conscious mind) was picking it all up all light-speed...

...this was a gift from the Divine!

... as I would find out just a few years later...

Since my earliest memory my job ... my mission ... my very purpose in life ... has been to share the Wisdom of the Ancient Kahuna Masters.

Since about the age of 4 dad taught me to understand Morrnah Simeona's goal: "To have the PEACE within the individual reflect through the community, society, the nation and the Universe. Regardless of race, or creed, the Doorways to the New Age are: PEACE, BALANCE, WISDOM and LOVE in all LIFE and CREATION."

He also taught me the great responsibilities of this, and over the years I've seen tremendous Huna Magic (Real-world results) occur in the lives of countless students clients and practitioners...

... soul mates found, dreams come true, problems solved, families repaired, healing of body mind and spirit, and yes... spiritual people finally breaking through to their rightful material manifestation.

It's nice to see folks NOT having to struggle. It's nice to see them having enough money to help themselves and others living a more comfortable life.

It's just a by-product of living in the Aumakua ... it's like wet with the water!

The two are inseparable.

Now imagine this - I'm living this and teaching this, and lo and behold I meet two like minds from other parallel fields - Dr. Yates Canipe and Master Scott Bolan!

Dr. Canipe is quite literally the founder of the modern men's self-help movement, a master of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Healing. He literally lays hands on people and helps heal them! He can put "Super-Speed" to your success, seduction, name it... and all from a place of the highest integrity and greatest good.

Master Scott Bolan discovered the Mental and Energetic Secrets of the Spirit-Force behind the Martial Arts. He's like the living embodiment of a Taoist sage, combined with the practicality of a modern warrior. Scott found the very essence of "Shen" (Spirit) and miracles occur around him daily! His greatest passion is sharing this knowledge with others...

Now imagine, what it was like when all three of us got together! Yes, it was nothing short of absolute magic. I don't know any other way to say it!

AND, get this; it was all caught live on film!

Seven DVDs of pure power, energy and knowledge, for YOU.

You can watch it at your leisure, in the privacy of your home. It's like having us there with you when you need us.

I've got to tell you it's the next best things to just sitting down with the three of us right in your living room.

You can get this dynamic home study course for the ridiculously low introductory price until May 31st (just a few short days away)

After that, it goes up no ifs, ands, or buts’...

.... so go ahead and make an investment into YOUR future, so that you too can live "the Hawaiian Way of Life"...

Whatever your choice, I wish you all the best. Thanks for letting me share this with you tonight. I am thinking of you and I know if you have goals, dreams and desires - they are all possible and this will help you accomplish them very quickly.


Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD