Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is there a secret of unlimited prosperity?

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First, let us define Prosperity - A condition of being successful or thriving.

Most people think of this as having a lot of money. This is not a necessary condition of prosperity.

I have a neighbor whose father worked in a oil refinery as a maintenance man his entire life. When he died he was a multi-millionaire. He also had a knack and discipline for investing in the stock market. Was he prosperous? You Bet, he raised his family well, all the kids went to college and are successful in their occupations. He lived a modest life style because he was happy and content within himself and it shows with his kids. Is this unlimited prosperity? For him it was. Does the foundations that the Gates’ or Rockefellers’ and others set up make their families prosperous without limit or simply wealthy. Your choice. So creating true effortless prosperity is about your knowledge of yourself. It is not about power and prosperity as power really has nothing to do with prosperity. Creating true prosperity requires you to simply open your mind to prosperity and understanding the difference between Money, Wealth and Prosperity. Does this give new meaning to Financial prosperity, I think so.